"i’m not a girl i’m a storm with skin"

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1. Who you are now is not who you will be in 10 years. It is okay to be somebody new 10 minutes from now. We are always learning. We are always growing. If you realized 10 seconds ago that you don’t like who you are, shed your skin, retry, replant yourself in good soil.

2. Cleaning is instant therapy. When your brain is muddy, take a shower, wash your hands, change your clothes. Spend 15 minutes straightening your living room. When you are angry, scrub things. I know it’s crazy but it works instantly.

3. Forgive someone’s debt if it’s under 50 dollars, forgive the small things, give a little time to yourself and forgive the big things too. Forgiveness isn’t about the other person, it’s about you. That being said - if someone ever hurts you in a way that would make me cry to know, you get out of there, my love. You just get up and go.

4. Gum karma is real and if you spit out a piece in public expect to find some on your shoe in the future. Same goes for insults and harsh judgement, too.

5. Do what you love and the money will follow.

6. Live your life with an open palm and give as much as you can and as often. At some point in your life, someone will lend you 50 bucks when you’re down on your luck. Remember how that feels. Remember to give that back.

7. Always wear clean underwear. You’ll thank me later.

8. There is a difference between being kind and being passive and there are those who cannot see that difference. They will try to walk all over you. Never bend your knees for those who do.

9. Have faith. Have faith in god or people or yourself or science or in luck or in all of the above. Faith is what keeps us going, faith is what keeps us strong.

10. Pay your bills on time whenever you can, although money is nothing. Remind yourself that.

11. Do not forget you were once ignorant of all you know now. Be patient of anyone who hasn’t had the education you have. Speak at the level of the person you are with - it’s not playing dumb, it’s being considerate. There’s no reason to make them feel uncomfortable. Plus then when someone starts going off about their superior IQ, you can cut them to pieces and watch their face when you do.

12. You are the best person in the room for one particular thing, and that’s confidence. You are the worst person in the room for another thing, and that’s humility. Use both carefully.

13. Never make fun of someone’s beliefs or superstitions, let your kid keep their imaginary friend and let your best buddy believe in knocking on wood. We all have security blankets. Don’t take away someone else’s.

14. Try to learn something new every day.

15. The worse you look, the more likely you are to run into someone you know so instead of feeling awkward, learn to be confident in sweats while talking to your friends.

16. Never go to bed angry, it will ruin your sleep and make tomorrow even harder. Find a way to relax. Don’t let today get to your head.

17. Think before you speak. When someone says something, mull over their words before answering. This is called listening, it is different than hearing.

18. What keeps love beautiful is that there’s risk involved. If he breaks your heart and it doesn’t hurt, it wasn’t love in the first place.

19. Never let someone else determine who you are or how happy. You are too strong to be torn apart.

20. I love you, even when we are fighting, even when I am fast asleep. Don’t doubt it for an instant. You are my everything.

- Life lessons my mother has taught me from the side of her hospital bed (part 2/2 of a series) /// r.i.d  (via oprosti)

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Whoever decides to sweep me off my feet will need a lot of patience while going on hikes/walks (and everything else) because I stop way too often to pick things or take pictures. 

TGTIF (thank god tomorrow is Friday)
There is an empire living inside of you,
and you don’t like talking about it.
The only view you have left is of what you destroyed,
and you see yourself every time you pull apart the curtains.
Does it ever get lonely
knowing that you are only tall because
you stepped on so many beautiful cities?
Do I want an answer to that?
Don’t you dare tell me I don’t know anything about war.
These poems were born somewhere,
weren’t they?
We are all constantly running away from home
and then wondering why we’re so lost.
Baby, you didn’t just run;
you set everything on fire and then pretended
you didn’t smell the burning.
I can’t believe mouths that turn themselves
into ashtrays so easily.
I can’t believe anything that can come that close to
addiction without fear of getting dirty.
You can keep the matches,
but I’m done chasing wildfires across the country.
Maybe when you are done hating everything
you will realize that you have wounded all that
there was left to love.
Maybe when you are done hating everything,
you will realize that you have only wounded yourself.
- Y.Z, A Roman Catastrophe (via rustyvoices)

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Also, I want to go see the Antlers at the Troubadour so much. But now I’m just getting too asky.

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Anonymous: fine then, just come over... you can sit on the edge of my bed and sip the wine that i won't... i'll play you the song i just wrote... something about walking thousands of miles, moving mountains, and wanting love... it's not great, but... then i'll take a swig of beer, not because i want to be drunk, but just to ease the things flying in my stomach... we can kiss, lay around, and laugh... i'm not very funny, but... i know how to kiss, and i'm really good at laying around :)

I like this.

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